"Shelby Sanborn began the morning with a riveting performance"--Matthew Roberts, San Diego North

"an artist with a voice of gold"--HD40 Web Radio

"Despite several obstacles impeding her performance, Shelby turned in a flawless rendition of ‘Say Something’. A flock of seagulls chose the moment Shelby began singing to perch on top of the theater and put on their own show. Then someones cell phone rang. To top it off, the boom for the microphone was loose and the microphone kept dropping down, in slow motion, until it landed on the keyboard of the piano but Shelby never missed a beat".-- Oside News

Classically trained, yet influenced by a wide variety of contemporary artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sarah Bareilles, Avril Lavigne, and more, Shelby Sanborn songs are relatable yet sophisticated. Shelby’s pop indie sound, melodic timing, and fresh coming-of-age lyrics exude a youthful sophistication. Shelby has performed various venues in California including The Hilton Bayfront Hotel, The Balboa Bay Club, The Welk Resorts, La Costa Resorts, The Brooks Theatre, Harrah’s and The Star Theatre in Oceanside. At the age of sixteen, Shelby won first place in the San Diego Fair’s youth singing competition singing her original song “Gravity”.  Shelby continues to pursue her passion as a student at Berklee College of Music. Shelby has developed a signature sound featuring a chocolaty rich lower register and towering high notes. Humble, but filled with confidence in front of an audience, she loves to entertain with her original songs, piano, guitar, and larger than life voice.